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  • A Scottish Teenage Activist

    Scotland has been part of Britain for more than 300 years. However, many people want Scotland to become an independent nation again. In 2014 there was a referendum to decide if Scotland should leave Britain. The ‘No’ side won the referendum, so Scotland voted to remain in union with Britain. The ‘Yes’ side continues to…

  • We Don´t Live in Teepees: Part 2

    In Part 2, Danica and Joyce talk about hopes for the future, but also about being different, boarding schools, depression, alcohol in native communities and the high suicide rate among First Nation youth. Length: 15:11.

  • The Fight for Scottish Independence

    Gayle hopes that Scotland will soon leave the union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to become a sovereign nation again. We met her in Edinburgh where she is currently part of a group of activists fighting for Scottish independence. They live and fight together from a camp just outside the Scottish capital. Watch the…