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  • India – A Vegetarian Society

    Neha and Bhuvaneshwari are strict vegetarians and members of PETA. Neha has never tasted meat as she was born into vegetarianism. Bhuvaneshwari is a vegetarian by choice. India is a country where vegetarianism is part of the culture, and is associated with cast and religion. Length: 14:21.

  • South Beach Boxing

    Jolie Glassman has been running South Beach Boxing in Miami for nearly twenty years. She loves training, but she isn’t fond of professional boxing. Her motto is “you don’t have to be a boxer to train like one”. In this film, we meet her together with boxing trainer Romeo Montana who has been boxing ever since…

  • Parkour in Edinburgh

    If you have heard of parkour, you may believe this is an activity just for young “monkey men.” This is far from the truth. Of course, the younger and stronger you are, and the more body control you possess, the more spectacular stunts you can carry out. But the practitioners of Access Parkour in Edinburgh…