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Walkabout Voices

Tag: determination

  • Fortune – A Dancer from Liverpool

    Fortune moved from the Philippines to Liverpool as a child. After secondary school, he studied at LIPA – Liverpool Academy of Performing Arts. He speaks about life in Liverpool and his passion for dancing. Length: 08:58.

  • Let’s go Surfin’ in Hawaii

    North Shore, in Hawaii is a surfers’ paradise. There are surfing schools on all of the beaches, and this is where the pros go looking for the biggest waves during the winter months. Michael is an experienced surfer and he will tell you the basics of surfing. Let’s start the lesson. Length: 09:57.

  • Keep on Rowing: Part 2

    Katie Spotz used to be a bench warmer at high school. A few years later she had run marathons, ultramarathons and ironmen, she had run through the Mojave Desert and swum a 525-kilometre river. However, her most impressive feat, is probably rowing across the Atlantic Ocean single-handed. She organized the expedition to raise money for…