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  • Being an Actor: Two Young Shakespeare Actors

    Young actors who are just starting out, take the jobs they can get. Cassie Layton and Sam Valentine were lucky and got the dream roles as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. They are part of Globe Theatre’s touring production and are travelling the world performing this iconic play. We met them for a chat on stage…

  • We Don´t Live in Teepees: Part 1

    Danica and Joyce are two young girls who live in Québec, the French-speaking part of Canada. They are both First Nation, and in Part 1, they talk about their background and why they want to learn their native language and more about their own culture. Length: 10:28.

  • We Don´t Live in Teepees: Part 2

    In Part 2, Danica and Joyce talk about hopes for the future, but also about being different, boarding schools, depression, alcohol in native communities and the high suicide rate among First Nation youth. Length: 15:11.