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  • Living in Cape Town During Apartheid

    Jacqui Braunlich was a student in the midst of the apartheid era. She talks about the harsh realities of the time and about Nelson Mandela. Mandela was a political prisoner in South Africa for 27 years, before he was released and later became President of the nation. Length: 14:21.

  • Three Young South Africans: Part 3

    Many years have passed since the end of apartheid. Does this mean that skin colour is not an issue anymore and that everybody has the same opportunities? Is there gender equality in South Africa? The three friends talk about these matters in this last film about the three South African friends. Length: 06:21.

  • A Township: Part 1

    In South Africa, millions of people still suffer poor living conditions. Many of them live in townships, which were constructed before and under the apartheid regime. Odwa was born and raised in a township, and in Part 1 he explains what life was like in Langa Township during apartheid. Length: 08:52.