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Category: Being Young

  • Miami Beach – A Youth Culture Under the Sun

    A sunny day in August we met a group of friends at the beach. They talked to us about the importance of good looks in Miami, but also about eating disorders, being judged, friendship and relationships. Ryan talks about how surprised he was when Samantha was interested in him, because as he puts it ”she is…

  • A 17-Year-Old Environmental Warrior: Part 2

    Xiuhtezcatl talks about how he and a group of 21 young people have sued the American Government for not doing enough to stop the climate change. He also explains what it was like to give a speech in the General Assembly of the United Nations, and what it felt like to be interviewed by Rolling…

  • A 17-Year-Old Environmental Warrior: Part 1

    Xiuhtezcatl (pronounced “Shotezka”) is a hip-hop artist and an environmental warrior, quite unlike most other teenagers. He has just turned seventeen, but he has already achieved a lot. He has been involved in environmentalism since he was six, and at only fifteen he addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations, on environmental issues. He…

  • Young and Vulnerable: Part 1

    Faith is 17 and lives in a small town in North Carolina, USA. As many teenagers she is vulnerable, and depression and self-harm have been a part of her life for many years. In this film she talks about her life, friendship, interests and what makes her happy or sad. She also reveals her future…

  • Young and Vulnerable: Part 2

    Morgan is 16 and Faith’s friend. She has been struggling with mental issues for many years. She has tried to commit suicide several times and she has been hospitalised after a nervous breakdown. In this film she talks about her ups and downs and why she has had so few friends in her life. Length: 13:15.

  • All You Want to do is be Yourself: Part 1

    Everybody hurts sometimes, and some people more than others. Hayli is seventeen and has struggled most of her life. She was abused by her father and her mother was incapable of taking care of her due to drug abuse. She has been in and out of serious periods of depression and has a history of…

  • Young Newcastle: Part 2

    Wayne, Callum and George are chilling in the park talking about what they think about Newcastle, about being an emo and a Geordie, about alcohol and relationships to parents. Length: 11:24.

  • Young Aboriginals: Part 2

    Kevina, Cheryl and Charles talk about growing up in an environment of violence and alcohol, but also about their opportunities in life. They encourage young people to come to Australia so that everybody can learn from each other. Length: 08:40.

  • Young Newcastle: Part 1

    Sam and Abby are chilling in a park in Newcastle on a Sunday morning. We wanted to know what it was like to be young in Newcastle. Watch the film and hear what they had to say. Length: 07:44.

  • Amy’s Yard: Part 3 – Keenan, in His Own Words

    Keenan is a singer from London with a difficult background. He recently finished a 12-week programme at Amy’s Yard, where the participants work one-to-one with a professional producer to develop their talent. Keenan creates and performs his own music. His goal is to make his music be the light in the dark for other people, just…