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Category: Struggles

  • Young and Vulnerable: Part 1

    Faith is 17 and lives in a small town in North Carolina, USA. As many teenagers she is vulnerable, and depression and self-harm have been a part of her life for many years. In this film she talks about her life, friendship, interests and what makes her happy or sad. She also reveals her future…

  • Young and Vulnerable: Part 2

    Morgan is 16 and Faith’s friend. She has been struggling with mental issues for many years. She has tried to commit suicide several times and she has been hospitalised after a nervous breakdown. In this film she talks about her ups and downs and why she has had so few friends in her life. Length: 13:15.

  • The Veteran: Part 1

    Gary is a war veteran. He served in Iraq, where he was badly wounded in action. Like so many other veterans, he has faced many challenges after coming home to USA. We met him on a street in New York City where he was sitting on the pavement, with a sign in front of him…

  • All You Want to do is be Yourself: Part 1

    Everybody hurts sometimes, and some people more than others. Hayli is seventeen and has struggled most of her life. She was abused by her father and her mother was incapable of taking care of her due to drug abuse. She has been in and out of serious periods of depression and has a history of…

  • The Veteran: Part 2

    Gary used to be a soldier in Iraq, and now he is sitting on a pavement with a sign. He talks about how that makes him feel. He feels embarrassed. He is a plumber and he hopes for a job, but as he put it: “I can’t get nothing going”. Length: 08:50.

  • Three Young South Africans: Part 3

    Many years have passed since the end of apartheid. Does this mean that skin colour is not an issue anymore and that everybody has the same opportunities? Is there gender equality in South Africa? The three friends talk about these matters in this last film about the three South African friends. Length: 06:21.

  • All You Want to do is Be Yourself: Part 2

    Hayli’s mother, Shannon, explains how she became a drug addict after growing up with abuse and drugs and what it took for her to quit using heroin. After years and years of using, it was Hayli who made her realise it couldn’t go on anymore. Hayli told her mother she wouldn’t see her anymore unless…

  • Living in Ferguson, Missouri: Part 2

    There is a lot of violence in America, and even more so, in neighbourhoods with low socio-economic status. In St Louis, Missouri, there are many such neighbourhoods where the crime rate is high and where people move out because they feel unsafe. The mother and daughter you will meet in this film express their frustration…

  • A Single Mum´s Story

    Ayu is a young South-African woman who was born and raised in a small town. She came to Cape Town on the pretence of a good job, but the job turned out to be very different from what her employer had promised. There was little Ayu could do because she needed the money as she…

  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter

    Muhiyidin lives in Charleston, South Carolina. As a young black man, he has experienced racism and injustice, and currently he is engaged in the Black Lives Matter movement. In this film Muhiyidin talks about the birth of Black Lives Matter, about black people being killed by the police and the high number of young black men ending…