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Category: Sports

  • Working Out at South Beach

    Do you work out? Maybe you do, and perhaps you go to your local gym where you spend half your time waiting in line for your turn. You know, there are other options. It is a lot more fun to work out in the sun. This is what Hivo does every day at sunny South…

  • South Beach Boxing

    Jolie Glassman has been running South Beach Boxing in Miami for nearly twenty years. She loves training, but she isn’t fond of professional boxing. Her motto is “you don’t have to be a boxer to train like one”. In this film, we meet her together with boxing trainer Romeo Montana who has been boxing ever since…

  • Parkour in Edinburgh

    If you have heard of parkour, you may believe this is an activity just for young “monkey men.” This is far from the truth. Of course, the younger and stronger you are, and the more body control you possess, the more spectacular stunts you can carry out. But the practitioners of Access Parkour in Edinburgh…

  • Inner Peace – Surfing on Waikiki Beach

    Tony Moniz started surfing at the age of five and was a professional surfer for thirty years. Today he is running Faith Surf School at Waikiki Beach. For Tony, surfing is much more than a sport. As a native Hawaiian, surfing is part of his culture and a way to find inner peace. In this…

  • Aberdeen Highland Games

    If you want to see what Scottish culture, sports, food and music is all about in one single day, go to the Highland Games. There are games all across Scotland in the summer. One of them is the Aberdeen Highland Games. Welcome to the games – enjoy! Length: 13:13.

  • Let’s go Surfin’ in Hawaii

    North Shore, in Hawaii is a surfers’ paradise. There are surfing schools on all of the beaches, and this is where the pros go looking for the biggest waves during the winter months. Michael is an experienced surfer and he will tell you the basics of surfing. Let’s start the lesson. Length: 09:57.