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Walkabout Voices

Category: Natives

  • A 17-Year-Old Environmental Warrior: Part 2

    Xiuhtezcatl talks about how he and a group of 21 young people have sued the American Government for not doing enough to stop the climate change. He also explains what it was like to give a speech in the General Assembly of the United Nations, and what it felt like to be interviewed by Rolling…

  • A 17-Year-Old Environmental Warrior: Part 1

    Xiuhtezcatl (pronounced “Shotezka”) is a hip-hop artist and an environmental warrior, quite unlike most other teenagers. He has just turned seventeen, but he has already achieved a lot. He has been involved in environmentalism since he was six, and at only fifteen he addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations, on environmental issues. He…

  • At a Navajo Ranch

    Laura is a young Navajo Indian who lives on a reservation with her boyfriend and young daughter, close to Window Rock in Arizona. She invited us to her ranch to show us how they live there. Did you know many Indians still say prayers for the animals they hunt thanking them for feeding them? In…

  • Young Aboriginals: Part 2

    Kevina, Cheryl and Charles talk about growing up in an environment of violence and alcohol, but also about their opportunities in life. They encourage young people to come to Australia so that everybody can learn from each other. Length: 08:40.

  • Lakota Culture: Part 1

    Sequoia is half Lakota Indian and half German. We met him on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He explains what a reservation is, the importance of the buffalo in Lakota culture, and he talks about how boarding schools can be the cause of social dysfunctions among Lakotas. You will also learn about the good things…

  • Inner Peace – Surfing on Waikiki Beach

    Tony Moniz started surfing at the age of five and was a professional surfer for thirty years. Today he is running Faith Surf School at Waikiki Beach. For Tony, surfing is much more than a sport. As a native Hawaiian, surfing is part of his culture and a way to find inner peace. In this…

  • Lakota Culture: Part 2 – Wounded Knee

    In December 1890, soldiers massacred more than 150 and possibly up to 300 Indians, most of them women, children and elderly men, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation at a place called Wounded Knee. The soldiers were trigger-happy because the Indians had defeated the 7th Cavalry at Little Bighorn a few years earlier (in 1876). Moreover, the soldiers…

  • We Don´t Live in Teepees: Part 1

    Danica and Joyce are two young girls who live in Québec, the French-speaking part of Canada. They are both First Nation, and in Part 1, they talk about their background and why they want to learn their native language and more about their own culture. Length: 10:28.

  • We Don´t Live in Teepees: Part 2

    In Part 2, Danica and Joyce talk about hopes for the future, but also about being different, boarding schools, depression, alcohol in native communities and the high suicide rate among First Nation youth. Length: 15:11.

  • A Navajo Spiritual Leader: Part 2

    We often learn that tobacco is something we should avoid at all costs. For the Navajos tobacco is an important part of their culture. They use it in their prayers. How? Watch and learn. Length: 06:12.