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  • March For Our Lives

    On 24 March 2018 in Washington DC hundreds of thousands people participated in a gigantic demonstration against the lack of gun laws in the USA. There had recently occurred yet another school massacre in this country, this time in Florida. The enormous turnout was due to the fact that more and more people have had…

  • American Government: Part 4 – Democrats and Republicans

    In most countries there are a number of political parties, but in the United States there are just two influential parties – the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, better known as the Republicans and the Democrats. In this very short film Bo touches on a few differences between these political parties. Length: 03:20.

  • American Government: Part 2 – The Executive Branch

    The US President is one of the most powerful people in the world. Nonetheless, the President is dependent on the Congress and the Supreme Court to carry out his or her politics. He or she lives in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – in the White House. Did you know that the White House was once burned…

  • Tours for Humanity

    Bo and Lisa are running a tour company in Washington DC. Part of their income is donated to different charities. They want to give back to humanity, and there is a good reason for this. Watch the film and hear their story. Length: 07:01.

  • American Government: Part 3 – The Judicial Branch

    The Supreme Court is an important part of the three branches of government. It has the power to influence the politics for decades. The Supreme Court consists of nine justices who are all appointed for life by the President. However, currently there are only eight, despite the fact that the President has appointed a ninth…

  • American Government: Part 1 – The Legislative Branch

    In 1776 America signed the Declaration of Independence and started a war with Britain to win their independence. America emerged victorious and immediately started to plan their own government. At this time most countries had a Monarchy/Royal family who were often powerful tyrants. America wanted a democracy, which was very unusual at the time. The…