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Category: New York

  • The Veteran: Part 1

    Gary is a war veteran. He served in Iraq, where he was badly wounded in action. Like so many other veterans, he has faced many challenges after coming home to USA. We met him on a street in New York City where he was sitting on the pavement, with a sign in front of him…

  • The Veteran: Part 2

    Gary used to be a soldier in Iraq, and now he is sitting on a pavement with a sign. He talks about how that makes him feel. He feels embarrassed. He is a plumber and he hopes for a job, but as he put it: “I can’t get nothing going”. Length: 08:50.

  • New Yorkers Against Gun Violence: Part 1

    Leah has been involved in the gun violation prevention movement ever since her brother was shot and killed by a burglar. She talks about how important it is to reduce the amount of weapons and to make the weapons safer. Too many people are killed in gun violence every year and many of them are…

  • Williamsburgh, Brooklyn – A Gentrified Neighbourhood

    Brooklyn is one of New York’s five boroughs, and the most popular part of Brooklyn is Williamsburg. This area has gone through a gentrification. Jeff explains why this part of New York has become so popular. Length: 09:19.

  • New Yorkers Against Gun Violence:Part 2

    We have smart phones, but did you know it is possible to make smart guns? We don’t need more guns, but we need smarter guns. We have the technology, so what stops us from using that technology and thus save thousands of lives? Leah explains it to us. Length: 06:35.

  • Street Corner Resources: Part 2

    On the street corners of Harlem, New York, communities come together. Everybody wants the community to be a safe place and people from the neighbourhood come to the street corners with information about housing, employment and other useful information. The young men become more aware of the consequences of being in a gang. Most of…

  • African Americans – The Struggle Continues

    We met Dominique Sharpton, the daughter of the famous activist Reverend Al Sharpton, in the National Action Network’s headquarters, on 145th street in Harlem New York on a Sunday morning. She gave us some insight into many of the issues that face America today, such as racial tensions, the disproportionate number of incarcerated black youths,…

  • Street Corner Resources: Part 1

    The problem: Many young people gather on the street corners of New York. They are engaged in gang activities, drug dealing and gun violence. The solution: Occupy the street corners. Talk to the young men. Connect them with former criminals who have spent years in prison. Make them understand that other people care about them.…