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Walkabout Voices

Category: Arizona

  • At a Navajo Ranch

    Laura is a young Navajo Indian who lives on a reservation with her boyfriend and young daughter, close to Window Rock in Arizona. She invited us to her ranch to show us how they live there. Did you know many Indians still say prayers for the animals they hunt thanking them for feeding them? In…

  • A Navajo Spiritual Leader: Part 1

    American Indians have many challenges. One of them is losing touch with their culture. Lenny Foster works with American Indian inmates. His job is to give them spiritual counselling using sweat lodge ceremonies, pipe ceremonies and talking circles. He has been doing this for 34 years. Watch this film and get better acquainted with American…

  • A Navajo Spiritual Leader: Part 2

    We often learn that tobacco is something we should avoid at all costs. For the Navajos tobacco is an important part of their culture. They use it in their prayers. How? Watch and learn. Length: 06:12.