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Walkabout Voices

Category: England

  • Notting Hill Carnival: Part One

    Every year on the August Bank Holiday the streets of West London are filled with music, dance, colourful costumes, and smiling carefree people from all over the world. It is party time, it is Notting Hill Carnival! It is really a spectacular event, exceeded only by the Carnival in Rio. You definitely should come over…

  • Theo – A Screenwriter in London

    London Film School, in Covent Garden in London, is a popular and prestigious school for anyone who is looking for a career in filmmaking or screenwriting. Theo is studying a masters in screenwriting. He talks about what you need to do in order to become a better writer. He has already made his first film,…

  • Young Newcastle: Part 2

    Wayne, Callum and George are chilling in the park talking about what they think about Newcastle, about being an emo and a Geordie, about alcohol and relationships to parents. Length: 11:24.

  • Purple Bone Dog Parlour

    In Chelsea, London, there is a popular beauty salon where none of the clients speak English. In fact, they don’t speak at all, but they are pretty good at barking, yelping and wagging their tails. You’ve probably got it by now. They are dogs. Purple Bone Luxury Salon, is a luxurious dog-grooming salon in one…

  • Meditation at High School

    There is a lot of pressure on teenagers and young students often feel stressed. At Marden High School in Newcastle they have done something about it. Students can now choose to be part of a meditation programme through which they are relieved of some of the stress. They often feel calmer and more composed after…

  • Speakers´ Corner

    Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park is well worth visiting. People stand on old boxes, chairs or stepladders and speak their mind on a topic that is important to them. They are always at risk of being heckled by someone in the crowd, as you can see in this very short film. Length: 02:10.

  • Young Newcastle: Part 1

    Sam and Abby are chilling in a park in Newcastle on a Sunday morning. We wanted to know what it was like to be young in Newcastle. Watch the film and hear what they had to say. Length: 07:44.

  • Acting and Activism

    Chem is an 18-year-old Londoner who is simply passionate about acting. He is part of a programme called Fully Focused where young, disadvantaged people, are trained in using the power of film to challenge perceptions, raise awareness, change mindsets and transform lives. Chem is incredibly determined, and he knows he will be acting for the…

  • Being an Actor: Two Young Shakespeare Actors

    Young actors who are just starting out, take the jobs they can get. Cassie Layton and Sam Valentine were lucky and got the dream roles as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. They are part of Globe Theatre’s touring production and are travelling the world performing this iconic play. We met them for a chat on stage…

  • Fortune – A Dancer from Liverpool

    Fortune moved from the Philippines to Liverpool as a child. After secondary school, he studied at LIPA – Liverpool Academy of Performing Arts. He speaks about life in Liverpool and his passion for dancing. Length: 08:58.