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Category: India

  • Images of India

    India is a feast for the senses. There is so much to see, hear, taste and smell, and everything around you is quite different from Europe. Watch this super short film from the cities of Varanasi and New Delhi and describe your impressions. Length: 02:15.

  • Yoga Wisdom in India

    What is it that makes us happy? What is a fulfilling life? Rama was a successful lawyer when he realized that making money didn’t give him any satisfaction. He started looking for his true purpose in life. After living in the jungle for two years, he set up an ecological yoga resort in the jungle,…

  • India – A Vegetarian Society

    Neha and Bhuvaneshwari are strict vegetarians and members of PETA. Neha has never tasted meat as she was born into vegetarianism. Bhuvaneshwari is a vegetarian by choice. India is a country where vegetarianism is part of the culture, and is associated with cast and religion. Length: 14:21.

  • Being Young in New Delhi

    Sana Sra is 18 and lives in New Delhi. In her family, gender equality is obvious. She knows she is privileged in a country where millions of women lack the right to basic education. Sana Sra talks about education, sports, and sexual harassment, but also about India’s diversity. Length: 17:19.

  • Make Love Not Scars: Part 2

    Ria talks about the acid attack victims and their chemical burns. She also explains how she tries to raise awareness about this horrible gender-based violence. Length: 06:19.

  • Make Love Not Scars: Part 1

    Ria Sharma is an extraordinary young woman. She saw a picture of a victim of an acid attack, which gave her life new direction. She decided to set up an organisation to help these women. Watch the film and learn about how it started and how her own perspectives have changed. Length: 10:44.

  • New Delhi: Living in the Slum

    Santan used to live in the slum. Now he is back to show us what it’s like to be poor in India. Welcome to the home of a family who have no electricity, no running water and no real income. Welcome to an area where diseases are common, life expectancy is extremely short and life…

  • Lauren – An American Yogi in India

    We all get stressed out from time to time. Sometimes there is too much work, too many tests and assignments, too many problems and too little time for relaxation. A yoga mat and a few minutes is all it takes to feel more relaxed. Lauren speaks to us from the jungle in Goa, in India,…