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  • At the Cheetah Conservation Fund: Part 2

    Ryan knows the cheetahs very well and can easily tell them apart. Every day he runs them, feeds them and cares for them. Did you know that cheetahs are really picky when it comes to food? Let’s join Ryan and his assistant during some of their daily routines at CCF. Length: 06:35.

  • At the Cheetah Conservation Fund: Part 5

    Paige and Grace are working at the clinic, and they just love it. Paige is an intern for a few months before she starts studying to be a vet. Grace is only twenty but she is a fully qualified, no, we won’t tell you. Watch the film instead and find out for yourself. Length: 07:34.

  • At the Cheetah Conservation Fund: Part 6

    Laurie Marker founded the Cheetah Conservation Fund in 1990, but she has been researching the decline of the cheetah ever since the 1970s. It is therefore safe to say that she has devoted her life to saving this remarkable feline. In this film, she explains how it all started and why it is so important…

  • At the Cheetah Conservation Fund Part: 1

    The Cheetah is an endangered species. It is losing its natural habitat and venturing into farmland. Many cheetahs have been killed by farmers while protecting their livestock. The Cheetah Conservation Fund therefore created a programme where they raised guard dogs and gave them to the farmers. They use Anatolian Shepherd Dogs for this purpose. They…

  • At the Cheetah Conservation Fund: Part 4

    You have probably heard of narcotics dogs and bomb detection dogs but maybe not cheetah scat dogs. It is just amazing what dogs can be trained to do. When Tiger indicates that he has found a cheetah scat, Eli brings it to the laboratory to analyse it. This way the dogs help us find out…

  • At the Cheetah Conservation Fund: Part 3

    Ryan explains the eating habits of the cheetahs, and why they feed on donkey and horse, instead of game meat. Cheetahs are fast eaters and in the film, you’ll learn why. You will also meet a cheetah with only one eye and learn why cheetahs sometimes hurt their eyes. Ryan will also tell you why…