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Category: Africa

  • Living in Cape Town During Apartheid

    Jacqui Braunlich was a student in the midst of the apartheid era. She talks about the harsh realities of the time and about Nelson Mandela. Mandela was a political prisoner in South Africa for 27 years, before he was released and later became President of the nation. Length: 14:21.

  • Three Young South Africans: Part 3

    Many years have passed since the end of apartheid. Does this mean that skin colour is not an issue anymore and that everybody has the same opportunities? Is there gender equality in South Africa? The three friends talk about these matters in this last film about the three South African friends. Length: 06:21.

  • A Maasai School

    The Maasai people in Kenya live far away from cities and modern facilities, and their schools are very basic. Esiteti Primary School is no exception. A well-used blackboard and some out-dated and tattered textbooks are all the teaching materials they have. No lunch is provided for the students and it is not uncommon to go…

  • The Gentle Giant

    If you want to study large groups of elephants at close range, there are few better places to go to than Amboseli National Park in Kenya. It is amazing to watch these enormous mammals pass just 30 feet from your camera lens. You’re likely to be awestruck, it will take your breath away! In this…

  • Three Young South Africans: Part 2

    Dean, Sinayo and JP (Jean Paul) talk about why it is important to follow your dreams and also about the importance of education. Dean has always had a dream map. Do you want to know what that is? Watch the film, and you will find out. Length: 06:43.

  • Cheetah – Quick Facts

    You may already have enjoyed the films from the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. This super short film of a Cheetah is shot in the wild in Amboseli, Kenya. You will learn quite a few interesting things about this animal, for example; cheetah cubs go to school! Length: 03:40.

  • Three Young South Africans: Part 1

    Dean, Sinayo and JP (Jean Paul) are three young South Africans living in townships in Cape Town. They are all students at Ubuntu Academy, which is an education space for arts, entrepreneurship and leadership. Dean is a dancer; Sinayo is a singer whereas JP is into rap and music production. In this first film they…

  • A Single Mum´s Story

    Ayu is a young South-African woman who was born and raised in a small town. She came to Cape Town on the pretence of a good job, but the job turned out to be very different from what her employer had promised. There was little Ayu could do because she needed the money as she…

  • At the Cheetah Conservation Fund: Part 6

    Laurie Marker founded the Cheetah Conservation Fund in 1990, but she has been researching the decline of the cheetah ever since the 1970s. It is therefore safe to say that she has devoted her life to saving this remarkable feline. In this film, she explains how it all started and why it is so important…

  • At the Cheetah Conservation Fund: Part 5

    Paige and Grace are working at the clinic, and they just love it. Paige is an intern for a few months before she starts studying to be a vet. Grace is only twenty but she is a fully qualified, no, we won’t tell you. Watch the film instead and find out for yourself. Length: 07:34.